Prize sponsors

Alchemy-logo-2017-B&W Alchemy Studios is a music production studio based in Calgary, Canada. They provide mastering and recording services for any kind of genre.
 ESC-Covers ESC Covers is a website based in Cape Town, South Africa. They specialize in recording covers of Eurovision songs.
 eurovision-southafrica-logo Eurovision South Africa is the official Eurovision fan club for members in the African country.

Golden sponsors

indie-music-mag Indie Artists Magazine is an online magazine based in British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in promoting independent artists, of any genre, worldwide.
stereo-radio-cr Stereo Radio is an online radio station based in San Jose, Costa Rica. They specialize in broadcasting Latin music of different genres.
IMG_4875 Caribbean Views is a website based in Trinidad and Tobago. They specialize in promoting music and culture from the Caribbean.