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#PanAmericanSong is an online song contest (modeled after the Eurovision Song Contest) for emerging musical talents in The Americas. A maximum of twenty (20) songs will be competing in one final. The winner is decided by a combination of 50/50 points from the jury and the public.

Rules for the 2018 #PanAmericanSong


Any country or self-governing territory of the Americas (North America, South America, and the Caribbean) is allowed to enter the competition.

A total of twenty (20) songs will be selected to participate. One song per country.

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and U.S.A. —the five largest countries in the Americas- have a direct pass to the contest. Then six countries of the Caribbean and nine countries of Latin America will be selected.

For a list of countries and territories in the Americas, click here

Performing artist (the entrant)

The performing artist must be a citizen or resident of the country they are submitting their song from. In case of duos or groups and collaborations, at least half of the performers must be from the country or territory the song was submitted for.

Exceptions may apply to artists with a connection to the country they are representing (i.e. ancestry).

Song eligibility (the entry)

In order to be considered for the vetting process, a song:

  • Must not have released before November 1st, 2017.
  • Must be an original composition (samples and interpolations are allowed). Covers and re-mixes of a previous released song will not be permitted.
  • Must be available for streaming, preferably on Spotify.
  • Must be accompanied by a music video, lyric video, or live performance available on YouTube.
  • Should not be more than 4 minutes in length. Ideally, we are asking for songs not longer than 3 minutes.
  • Should not contain any direct political references, propaganda, or any kind of advertisement.
  • Lyrics that are deemed offensive or considered hate speech will not be considered.


  • Submissions: February 19, 2018 — May 31, 2018
  • Vetting: June 1, 2018 — June 30, 2018
  • Voting: July 6, 2018 — July 20, 2018
  • Final: July 22, 2018


The contest will consist of three phases:

Phase 1: Entry submission (a maximum of three songs per artist): Entries will be submitted through the official entry link, available on this website.

Phase 2: Vetting: A panel of judges will be selecting the 20 participating songs. One song from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and U.S.A; plus six songs from six different countries of the Caribbean; plus nine songs from nine different Latin American countries.

Phase 3: The twenty selected songs will be battling for the best song of the Americas. A combination of 50% jury voting and 50% public voting will determine the winner.

How to enter

  1. Registration for the 2018 #PanAmericanSong contest will opened on February 19, 2018 and finish on May 31, 2018.
  2. In order to enter, artists/producers/songwriters or composers will have to submit an online form (to be published on this website) with the following information:
    • Title of the song
    • Name(s) of the artist(s)
    • Name(s) of the songwriter(s)/composer(s)
    • Representing country
    • A direct link to the song on a streaming service
    • A direct link to the music video or other visual media on YouTube
    • Official Twitter and/or Facebook account (if applicable)
    • A contact e-mail
  3. Only songs that comply with the rules specified on the “song eligibility” section will be considered for the vetting process.
  4. Artists are only allowed to send a maximum of three songs per country.
  5. Once selected for participation, the submitting artist/producer/songwriter or composer will receive an e-mail from which they must reply with the following:
    • A brief biography of the performing artist(s).
    • At least one recent image of the performing artist(s) in .jpg or .png format
    • Written confirmation from the songwriter(s) or composer(s) that the song is an original.
    • Written confirmation from the performing artist(s) confirming participation in the contest.
    • Lyrics of the song (if applicable)

Vetting phase

  1. A panel of three judges will listen to all the submitted songs per country, and select the best twenty song based on the overall production quality of the song.
  2. Only one song per country will be selected. Countries will be selected in the following manner:
    • One song from each of the “Big 5” country (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the USA; the countries with the largest populations).
    • Nine songs from the Latin American region.
    • Six songs from the Caribbean region.
  3. Only one song per artist and per country will be selected.

Jury voting

There will be a total of twenty jurors. Each juror will represent one participating country, allocated randomly. NOTE: Jurors may come from all over the world therefore, they don’t have to be citizens or residents of the country they are representing.

The jury will be comprised of singers, songwriters, producers, sound engineers, teachers, critics, or anybody else involved in the music business, whether amateur or professional.

Each juror will rank the ten songs they consider the best considering: a) vocals; b) the potentiality of the song to become a hit; and c) the overall production of the song. These rankings will then be translated into points, in the Eurovision format: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12) 1 point to the 10th placed song, 2 points to the ninth, and so on; until 8 points to the third placed song, 10 points to the 2nd, and the maximum 12 points to the number one ranked song.

Public voting

The public voting will consist of people from all over the world casting their votes for their favourite songs via an IP-restricted poll to be published in this website. A person can vote for as many songs as they want, however they are only allowed to vote once.

The points will be determined based on the percentage of votes the song received times the maximum number of possible points (1,160).

Winning entry

The winning entry is the song that receives the most points after combining the results of the jury and public voting.


  • The winning entrant will receive a trophy.
  • As a courtesy of ESC Covers and Eurovision South Africa, the winning entrant will record a duet of a Eurovision song with a South African singer. The song will be performed partly in Afrikaans and partly in a yet-to-be-announced language.
  • As a courtesy of Alchemy Studios, the winning entrant will receive a mastering package.


The main title of the competition is “#PanAmericanSong 2018”.

The main form of contact is via e-mail at:

Each competing song will be selected via a vetting process by a panel of judges appointed by the #PanAmericanSong organizer.

However, the organizer has no control over the final result of the contest as both public and jury vote independently.

All the detailed results of the #PanAmericanSong (including the vetting process) will be published on this website, one day after the final on July 22nd, 2018. That means that the detailed results will be available on July 23rd, 2018.

The organizer may use, without the entrant’s further consent, the entrant’s name and their photograph on this website and on social media for promotion purposes.

The organizer will create a playlist (on Spotify, most likely) of the twenty participating songs, and a YouTube playlists containing their submitted music video, lyric video, or live performance.

The organizer will use a snippet of the music video, lyric video, or live performance of each participating song to create a “recap video” and the “final results presentation”.

A request to withdraw a song from the competition shall be made in writing to the organizer, no later than five days after the submission period ends (that means before May 24, 2018).

It is highly recommended that each entrant promotes their entry on social media or any other digital platform.

By submitting a fully completed entry to #PanAmericanSong 2018, the entrant agrees to abide by the rules stated in this document.